Friday, October 28, 2011

Scrap Quilts Part 2 - Squares

There are times when I want to be in the creative process, but nothing happens.  I will take out my fabrics and just stare at them thinking of new projects, but end up without ideas.  When I am void of inspiration but feel like making something, I will work with my scrap squares.  Depending on my mood, I may spend my time cutting the scraps into squares.  I keep this container by my sewing machine and drop squares into it as needed when I am working.
Other times, I just sit down and start sewing the squares into 9-patches.  I once tried to use this as a leader/ender project, but got so caught up in making 9-patches that I realized I can only sew on one project at a time.  I keep these 9-patches in a large shoe box.  When the box is full, it is time for a new quilt. 
The quilt pattern that I use with these scrappy squares is the Trip Around The World.  I have made one full sized quilt using this pattern, but mostly I make lap quilts because I run out of scrappy squares.  So I guess that a shoe box holds enough scrappy squares to make 1 lap quilt.  I have given many of these as gifts to my family.

I also use scrap squares to make Irish Chains and Double Irish Chains lap quilts.  This small quilt top was started and completed over a weekend.  I am hand quilting it when I watch TV and its about 50% completed. 

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