Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Yo-Yos

Today I was thinking about a blog topic for day 4 of Blogtoberfest and I also was thinking that it is almost the Christmas season.  I searched my projects and found this old work in progress (WIP).

I love the look of yo-yo's.  While working with the hexies, I was thinking about how much I like to work on making yo-yos when I need a mobile project.  Hopefully, I will enjoy making hexies too someday.

This fabric has been in my stash for quite some time.  It is white cotton with silver sparkle stars and 2000.  I remember seeing this fabric many places in 1999 right before the year 2000.  I bought 2 yards and thought I would make a Year 2000 quilt but never could come up with a design.  As years passed, I couldn't think of a project to make using it and it didn't seem right to donate it.  (I mean, I couldn't understand someone wanting Year 2000 fabric.)

I had an idea to use this fabric for yo-yos, since no one would notice the Y2K material.  I think the yo-yos look cute with the sparkly material.  I plan to use the yo-yos to make a garland for Christmas decorations. 


  1. hello from blogtoberfest! Yoyos are so fun! I recently saw them used as a banner which is so cute!

  2. Oh! I love your white yoyos. I have a bunch I made twenty years ago, the fabric is bright floral swatches from a dress line out of Hawaii called Maila. Problem is they aren't all the same circumference..?? Any tips? I want to pull them out to photograph and see if that will inspire me to assembling them again