Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Blogtoberfest Day 31

Today is the last day of Blogtoberfest and its also Halloween.  Oh, I feel like a bad dog owner but I just couldn't resist dressing up quilt dog #2.  His costume I got on super clearance last year after Halloween for less than $1.  This is the only dog I have ever had that does not mind being dressed up.  Yes, I really think this one thinks he is human.

Oh by the way.......I did it! I manage to post a blog a day in October for Blogtoberfest.

Things I Have Learned From Participating in Blogtoberfest

  1. Just try it, you may like it.  I found out about this on September 30th and even though I am new to blogging and didn't have 31 posts, I committed to the concept of blogging every day. 
  2. Learned a new word - Op Shop
  3. Having made a commitment forced me to get creative with blogs and plan them for the month (especially when I went on vacation and was away from my PC for a week)
  4. Learned all about using Blogger and other techie things
  5. Joined in memes and Linkys on other blogs
  6. Had a great time meeting new bloggers and checking out other blogs with amazement at the creativity that's out there 

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