Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Idea Pouch

I finally had some time to work on a project that I have wanted to make for years.  It is the Idea Pouch from Michelle Patterns.

It took about an afternoon for me to make and all that is missing right now are the 2 buttons on the outside for the closure.
I modified the inner pocket dividers to make an area large enough to hold my iPhone.

It also fits my iPad perfectly.  I can see myself making more of these cute pouches!
I am not sure what my next project will be yet, but this new pack of Aurifil thread is calling to me.  I think it goes great with this fat eighth bundle.
I recently won this Aurifil thread participating in the Scrap Quilt Challenge 4 sponsored by Fabrics N Quilts.  There is certainly plenty of scrappy inspiration in this year's entries
I was keeping this fat eighth bundle to take with me to a class at the Houston Festival next week, but I am still debating.  The class supplies lists "scraps" so I may just skip using this bundle and decide to take a bag of scraps. 
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Le Challenge - Mix

This month's Le Challenge theme is "mix" and to be honest, I was quite stumped at what to make.  I finally decided that I would finish my scrappy happy houses quilt.

These houses are made of a mix of scraps.  I actually made so many houses that I have another quilt top completed and a stack left over to make a 3rd house quilt. 
Of course, just today on my work table I spied this mix tape.
It is the Quiltcon USB containing patterns from many of the instructors.  Had I spotted this sooner, I would have made a project from this tape to fit this month's "mix" theme.  (BTW, I cannot wait until Quiltcon 2015!)
Like I said, I was really stumped with the challenge theme this month.  I think it started early on when I was brainstorming "mix" ideas and thought of Meow Mix.  In my family, I remember us kids singing TV commercials around the house including one for Meow Mix.
I never could decide on a cat themed project this month, but I did find an updated Meow Mix song.
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Le Challenge

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Craft Book Month - Quiltopedia

Today, my fingers are simply worn out.  But I don't care, because I LOVE my new quilt!  Yes, I did say "my quilt" because this quilt is for me.
The pattern is titled "Obsession" and is found in the book "Quilt-opedia" which is currently my favorite quilt book. 
I cannot believe that this quilt was made from scraps!  It was fun to select and cut the fabrics squares for this quilt.  
Since I had to cut the squares from scraps, it did take a bit longer than cutting from yardage.  But, I wanted the quilt to have the look of many fabrics.

Now, I wonder what project to start next...

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Le Challenge - Era

It is time for this month's Le Challenge project and the theme is "era".  Once again, this challenge has theme's that I find challenging.
My first thoughts on this "era" theme was using 30's reproduction fabrics, civil war fabrics, or making a crazy quilt from the Victorian era.  But then I started looking at mid-century modern art and knew this was the time period I really wanted to work with. 

The inspiration for my mini quilt was the Unparalleled Quilt lesson from the Craftsy Improvisational Piecing Modern Design class.  I really did enjoy working on this project.  Just cutting at will and designing the piece as I went along was a very freeing way to work. 
It was also a nice change to work on something new, since 2014 has been my year to tackle my WIPs and scraps.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Finish it Friday - Final Purge

Today is the final link up for the "Purge".  During the past several weeks, I was able to bust through quite a bit of scraps and stash (making room for new fabric of course!).
I think that the Greek Cross may be my new go-to scrap pattern as the blocks are simple and quick to make.  I can see myself making a larger quilt for me that is super scrappy.
I was lucky to get a break in the rain to get a few outdoor pictures.  One quilt was made using some blue/green scraps, and the second quilt was made using "Garden Party" scraps.
Both quilts are on the way to MHC as part of 100 Quilts for Kids.
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Purge button

Friday, August 29, 2014

Finish It Friday - 100 Quilts For Kids

 Purge button
Today is a check in for the Purge.  This week I completed 2 quilts that are on the way to MHC as part of 100 Quilts For Kids.
The Disappearing Hourglass quilt was made using a stack of scraps from my pink "Purge" pile.  (Oops, I just noticed that a leaf fell on my quilt when I took the photo). 

And this simple quilt was made using floral fabrics. 

Since the last update, I have completed 2 scrappy house tops and am over 50% finished with my lime spiderweb blocks. 

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't start something new while I am working on other projects.  The blue scraps have become Greek cross blocks that I hope will be a top soon. 
My scrap boxes are starting to thin out....well sorta.
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

My 10 Quilty Little Secrets

I have been having a good time reading and laughing at everyone's 10 Quilty Little Secrets so I thought I would join in and air some of mine.

13 Spools

 1.  I sew over pins all the time and have for many, many years.  If I break a needle (which is rare), I put a new one in my machine and move on.  I even broke the plastic guide off the right side of my 1/4 inch Janome sewing foot so I could sew over pins.
2.  My scraps are not organized by color.  They are dumped into a very large box or are in many shoeboxes.
3.  I don't press, I iron.  I don't set the seam and I don't iron open my seams.  I tried it once, but couldn't see the advantage.
4.  I don't like a lot of quilting on quilts.  Oh yah, I said that. 
5.  EPP is just not for me, seems too fussy.
6.  I don't pre-wash my fabric and I don't wash my quilts as soon as I am through making them.
7.  I love watching sewing videos on Craftsy and Youtube and I am grateful to those that share.  But it drives me crazy to hear "um" as every other word.
8.  I don't like to pin baste.  My few pins are placed very far apart, and I haven't had a problem yet with fabric shifting.
9.  I don't understand the fuss over Liberty fabrics, batiks, Japanese fabrics, and linens. 
10.  I like to keep my machine's bobbin area clean and lint free.
What about you?  Have you any little quilty secrets to share?