Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scrap Quilts Part 1 - Strips

It is quite interesting to read through blogs about how people manage their scraps.  A scrap is defined so differently.  For me, a scrap is any small piece of fabric and anything less than 1” is waste.  I have a friend that throws out anything less than a 4” square.  Oh No! I can do so much with that.  To me, that 4” square is 4 1 ½” squares and a 1” strip. 

I have recently depleted my stash of scrap strips on 2 projects.  The String Tulips based on the Georgia Quilts book cover really used a lot of strips.  As can be seen by the bright colors, I had many strips left over from charity baby quilts.  This quilt is currently in the process of being quilted and if I can get out of the habit of starting new projects, then maybe I can finish it before Christmas.

The other project is my String Trees.  This is based on a project seen at  Crazy Mom Quilts.  Because these strips are smaller than my tulip pieces, I was really able to use many scraps and now my scrap bags are almost empty.  This quilt is in the piecing stage.  I sat down to complete the top and realized that I am 2 blocks short.  Of course with such a small amount of scraps available, I need to find some time to go through my stash to find more scraps.  This quilt is already being coveted by my mom which is kinda weird to me because it is a modern quilt and mom is Mrs Traditional Quilter.  Hopefully I can get this top completed and quilted in the near future. 

Tomorrow – Scrap Quilts Part2 – Squares

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  1. Well, I have paper scraps not fabric ones. :) And I save them thinking I'm gonna use them one day but they always end up in a bin after I have a cleaning frenzy. :) These look wonderful! I wonder how will the trees end up.