Monday, February 25, 2013

Quiltcon Day4

Well, I am back home from Quiltcon and I really am so thankful that I did not have to fly.  There is no way my luggage would be under the weight limit!

I am sad to leave Austin. I really had a good time and I think that there was so much more to do and see. 
I definitely hope to attend the next Quiltcon.  Maybe next time, I will take 4 workshops instead of 3.  I also want to take classes that will totally push me out of my comfort zone.  If I cant make it into a class, then I would hope to volunteer.
When I first went through my bag at the hotel, I have to admit that this cassette tape was a bit confusing.  My first thought was "where the heck am I going to find a tape player?"  Then I opened it, and as you can see, it is a clever usb stick.
Also, I was able to get a photo of my dyed cloth from Malka's class. I still have to boil them, but that sounds like a weekend job. 
On the last day of the show, I told my mom that - hey, my pants are falling down.  So I weighed myself when I got home and I am down 6 pounds.  What!  I never read that in any of the Quiltcon brochures.  I am going to consider it a bonus!
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  1. I love that you made some hand dyed cloth. How fun that will be to cut into! Have plans for it yet?

  2. That so sweet - you were so enjoying your classes that you forgot to eat! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing Quiltcon with us, I loved reading about your adventures (with a wee touch of envy) - it sounded so fun.
    Have a great week,

  3. Beautiful dyed cloth. I miss Austin very much. We used to live in a suburb outside there and I miss the weather and the food. I usually can't go to Quiltcon because it is in the school year, and I am a teacher. But I may save my personal days and go next year. Hope to see you there.

  4. Awesome.. I hope to go next year!