Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quiltcon Day2

On the second day of Quiltcon, I took the Color Your Cloth class with Malka Dubrawsky which was held off-site in the basement of the church. 

We pinned material over the top of a box.  As you stamp on the material with different items, the interior of the box catches the wax drippings.  We used various objects to mark the fabric such as: paint brushes, vegetable stamps, cardboard shapes, and potato mashers.

This was my favorite shape to use.  It is a strip of cardboard that was taped together to make a square.


After applying the wax, the fabric is placed in a dye bath.

The next day during the lunch break, I went back to pick up my fabric pieces at the church.  I am not sure why, but it looks like there are purple splashes on this blue fabric.  The fabric squares were still a bit wet, so I will post a picture of all the pieces when I get back home. 
Day3 is Machine Sewing on a Home Machine with Elizabeth Hartman.

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