Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pets on Quilts Show 2013

Hey all.....we're back......Yes, its that time of the year when us quilt dogs get to do the talking here.  We have taken over once again for the Pets on Quilts Show 2013. 

Last year, we had a lot of fun meeting everyone and my dog owner even used our picture in her blog header.  I am the sharp looking little guy and my cousin is the taller "beautiful" one that always gets all the attention.
Yeah, I like getting attention too....and this year.....well...I have been using a new trick.  You see, we dogs aren't allowed on quilts.  So we have to sneak it when we can.
Mainly the idea goes like this.  Whenever my dog owner tries to take a picture of a quilt, I just walk right into the picture.  Yup, its that simple.  See that picture above, I just walked right on it.  I even smiled when I did it.

Sometimes, just before I walk onto the quilt, my dog owner says "FREEZE".  She thinks shes so smart, but I fooled her.  I wait till after I get on a quilt and then I freeze. Heehee, its just like "playing dead".
Once again, just like last year, my dog cousin is just too quick to get caught on a quilt.  So there is no photo evidence.  Oh well, her loss I say.  I mean, now I get to get all the attention!
Please check out all of the entries in this year's show.  I personally think there are way too many cat entries.  More dogs are needed!


  1. Ranger is so cute! He looks like he owns the quilt.

  2. What modelling technique- Ranger is a world class star!

    Love both Ranger and yourquilts

  3. Well, hello again you two! Ranger is a smarty and will surely trick his cousin into modeling again soon :-)

  4. Ranger is really cute and I like the colors of your quilt!

  5. Helloooo ~ Let me introduce myself, I am Sweet William The Scot, and I am taking the tour of the quilts. I am more of a dog blogger, but I have made three quilts in my lifetime. I definitely agree cats are everywhere in this contest. Bawheheeee! You are a cutie and I like your quilt.
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Love that string quilt - the colours are gorgeous!! Your furry friends are terrific models too!

  7. Love that last picture of Ranger and the quilt, great pose!!! Susie x

  8. So very cute and i love that quilt!
    Good luck in the contest.
    I am cat#84
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  9. So that is how they do it!!!! Very cute.

  10. Great job at photo bombing, Ranger! You're right, you will get all the attention! Thanks for being a part of our party!

  11. What is it about a camera that our pets just have to be in front of it? LOL

  12. LOL Ranger! You are really having a ball with the quilts. Great photos of a very happy pup! Thanks for sharing.