Friday, August 16, 2013

Finish it Friday - String Diamonds

Hello all.  I have been working on sorting my projects and organizing the stash (which of course included time to pet my fabrics and dream).
Somehow, I found a large box of strings and scraps so I have been working on getting these put together in quilt tops. 
I have started with making some string tops after watching a Scrap Quilting class on Craftsy.  This was planned to be in a streak of lightning set, but I got some of the blocks turned around and put the colors on the wrong side.  I wasn't sure how to resolve this so I changed the setting to diamonds and I think it works. 
Working with my stash has been perfect timing for the upcoming You've Lost That Loving Feeling party.  Its a combo of 2 linky parties on August 24th. 
  • The Fugly party returns at Charm About You.  This is where you can re-home any fabric that you may consider fugly or just have fallen out of love with. 
  • Quokka Quilts is having a party where you can re-home some of your WIPs.  You know those projects where you start off strong, but the mojo just ends and then your off to start work on another new project (or does this just happen to me?)


  1. Lovely, I really like how the blue one ends off in the right corner - makes it edgey and fun!!!

  2. What a lovely string quilt. I love how you have played with the colour placement.

  3. The diamonds look great. I love the placement of the blues.

  4. Lovely quilt top. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Crazy Mom Quilts
    Marie (

  5. I really enjoy the asymmetry of this piece. The colours balance so well, and it actually makes me want to see more. It's like this is a smaller piece of a larger puzzle .. and even if it doesn't exist it keeps me wondering what would be attached to it. This is a definite win!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the pops of blue. You did a great job with those diamonds.

  7. That is really beautiful! Makes me want to start making string blocks...

    Whoop whoop!!

  8. Oh, this definitely works! That is gorgeous. I don't think my scraps look this good, lol.