Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work in Progress - Cameo Sew Along

I originally thought of making 1 mini quilt for the Amy Butler Cameo sew-along., but have now started several more projects using Cameo fabric.
I did not use a pattern to create this mantle cloth for the fireplace.  I still have to put up my Christmas decorations, but I tested the fit and it works.  (Now I need to find more projects where I can sew on more pom-poms!)
I also finished sewing the hexagons together for the pillow.  I had planned to practice some machine stitching.  But after looking at the hexies all put together by hand, I decided to hand quilt the piece.
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  1. The mantel cloth is really cute with the pom-poms. I wanted to embelish a lamp shade with some pom-poms. I think they look good on almost anything.
    The hexies are beautiful. Looking forward to seing the finished pillow.

  2. I'm loving the pom-poms too, and those hand pieced hexies. I think hand quiting is the right way to go - I'm sure it will feel great to have something that is truly hand made!

  3. hand quilting the hexes will look great, you've already put a lot of work into them i can tell

  4. Oh, now I see what you mean - it looks great!