Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Color Palette Challenge - July

This month's color palette was chosen by Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fiber.

Please don't laugh at me this month (.....OK, go ahead). I don't know what it was.  Maybe it was that I really liked the colors or maybe I have been in a wishy washy mood. But I tried 4 (yes, four) project attempts with these colors. I don't know what happened, but nothing was really working for me.

I stared at my stash - nothing.
I went back through my stash - nothing.
I went on several occasions to the fabric store with my mom, my cousin, and my sister - nothing.

I bought a fabric remnant that I thought may kinda work and was pleased with the result. I know the color choices don't all match exactly, so I will say that my piece was inspired by the challenge colors. The finished piece is 32 x 30 and is hand quilted.

I really liked the graphics on this comic book fabric which I think appeals to my inner geek/nerd. (I wonder if they make Star Trek fabric...)   

The plan was to applique the words "BAM" and "POW" on the piece.   I searched for a bit to find the fonts for these words and had cut out the applique.  But then, I thought that I liked the piece the way it is.   I hand stitched straight lines every one inch apart.  It almost feels to me like a cheat because the mini is a whole cloth and not pieced, but I do like the result.  I may applique "POW" on it later, but for now it will hang in my sewing area.

Please check out the other challenge projects at Patchwork Times.


  1. arent challenges fun? looks great

  2. This little quilt rocks. I think you did a great job with the color challenge!

  3. I think your piece is a lot of fun and "inspired by" is a perfectly acceptable response. The whole idea it to get you thinking and that's what it did. Well done!