Sunday, March 4, 2012

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge

When I saw the prizes for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge at Ellison Lane Quilts, I knew I had to create an entry even though I am new to making mini quilts. 

My mini is called the "Wheel" and is 20 x 20 inches. It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  With this piece, I challenged myself to work with curves, hand applique, and the leftover scraps from my Neapolitan Star.  I had envisioned making a mini Dresden plate, but once I started to sew the wedges I noticed that the piece kept getting larger and larger.  I realize now that the wedges were not cut with enough of an angle.  I had just enough scraps to finish the wheel. 

My dad has a fancy camera, so I went to my parents house to take the photo.  Its been kinda dark and dreary weather lately so when the sun came out, I knew I wanted to get a photo taken outside.  Ahhhh, good times this weekend as I got to spend alot of "quality" time with my dad trying to get the perfect shot in the best location.  There was plenty of sun, and also plenty of wind.

Not shown are:
  • the action shots of me chasing the mini when it blew away with my backside in view
  • the shots of me trying to move the dog off the mini when she chased it down before me and planted herself on it
  • the nosey neighbor that had to check her mail, then she walked her dog, then she raked leaves all the while checking us out


  1. It's so pretty and I love the quilting!

  2. Blimey, glad you managed to get a good shot sounds like an adventure! I did have to threaten my 3 year old not to ride over mine with his bike....... Lovely job by the way :)

  3. oh! I want to see those missing shots lol gave me a good laugh imagining you!!

  4. hahaha!! Glad you got good shots in :) It's a great mini!

  5. Cool!!! Love the colours. x

  6. Love your fabric choices and your quilting is fantastic! Love this! =)