Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy National Quilting Day!

Woo Hoo!! Its been a great day.

I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I may not find any Flea Market Fancy.  Every time I tried to purchase some, it was sold out.  So when I received an email notification that FMF was in stock at Hawthorne Threads, I knew I had to try and get some. I ordered it on Wednesday and it came today!  Its exactly what I ordered too. 

I did not want to blog about a rant, but several months ago I had big problems with an Internet shop about 2 fabric purchases.  Both orders that I received were totally different than what I purchased and what was on my receipt.  Getting it resolved put a downer on Internet purchasing.  But I am so over that!!

I also got this cute dalmatian print from Robert Kaufman's line "Menagerie".  I have plans for the dalmatian print, but I am still looking for a project to use the FMF.


  1. Hurrah! So glad you kept at it. There are a lot of good people doing business on the internet.

  2. glad it worked out this is always a leap of faith when ordering anything. Have fun with your fabrics xx

  3. your fabric is gorgeous and I am glad you had a good experience. I have only had a bad one once so far! Love the doggy fabric too! x we have a pet grooming shop along the road from me and the owner has two dalmatians who sit in his window and muck about every now and again! v cute x

  4. I found your blog via Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet and really enjoy watching your curved quilt come together. I've just blogged about you on my blog and awarded you the Liebster Blog Award: