Sunday, April 1, 2012

Color Palette Challenge - March

The inspiration piece for March's challenge was created by Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fiber.

I honestly do not know where the month of March has gone.  With the exception of this challenge, I promised myself that I would not start a new project until I completed some UFO's (and I cant believe that I actually stuck to this resolve!)

I was happy with the colors because I have been wanting to work with black in a quilt.  I pulled out my scraps and had an idea that was a bit ambitious.  My inspiration was my hand made matryoshka doll with chimes inside which I believe is also called a "nevalaska".  I got this in Sitka, Alaska on a cruise several years ago.  Its really pretty with a nice chime, kinda like a super fancy weeble wobble.

Soon though, time ran out and I had to lay this project aside.  I decided to create a mini that incorporated the curves of the black fabric in the design.  I tried creating some wonky flying geese and I liked the look, but I did not leave enough seam allowance on the sides.  When I sewed the geese together, the side points of the geese were cut off.

So, I took some scraps and started sewing them randomly and I came up with this mini for the AAQI.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted and measures just a hair under 9 X 12.  It currently does not have a title.

Stop by Patchwork Times to check out the other entries in this month's challenge and view the color palette for April's challenge.

Lily's Quilts

Also, its the first of the month so I am linking up to the Small Blog Meet  at Lily's Quilts. I always enjoy this meet up because I get a chance to discover new blogs.


  1. Those colors are amazing! I really like the polka dots.

  2. Stopping by via Lily's Quilts. I like the ways those colors work on the black background.

  3. Hi, love your stuff! Visiting from the small blog meet

  4. I hate the geese didn't work out. I love the curves and fabric choices. I'm visiting from Lily's quilts.

  5. Good for you working on UFOs. Stopped by via Lily's to meet another Small Blogger and say hi.

  6. I love the direction of your original project but the AAQI quilt was inspired and is going to be a wonderful donation to that great organization.

  7. I love the geese, even if they are a little short! Great little mini, too:)