Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - Mod Mood Quilt

OMG, I cannot believe that I am going to admit this but...............I started another project. 

I can't help it.  There are so many challenges and quilt alongs and contests and linky parties going on in blogland right now that I want to join in.  And the more I look at blogs, the more ideas that I get into my head of new techniques and patterns that I want to try.

It started this past weekend when I started my AAQI mini for the February Color Palette Challenge.  I thought I would try working with curves and was searching for tutorials.  I found the 2010 Mod Mood Quilt Along at Daintytime. 

The pattern is bold and something that I have never tried before, or even thought myself capable of doing.  While I was pulling fabric for the Fugly Fabric Party at Charm About You, I noticed that I have more solid scraps than I ever realised.  So after finishing my AAQI mini for February, I thought I would work up a few mod blocks arcs. 

I can't believe how well the arcs are going together.  It really does look like a work of art.  I think that the hard part may be arranging the pieces.  I have been totally obsessed with this project over the last few days. As soon as I get home from work, the routine has been - pet dog, feed dog, change clothes, skip dinner and get into the sewing room to create until way past my bedtime. And it feels good to have this mojo back. I have been searching for a project that would energize me again.

I hope that I can keep the momentum going on this project.  And I guess its not to bad, because I did finish the AAQI mini, right?

Today I am linking up to Work In Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. oh that looks so fun!! What a great concept. The arcs look wonderful :) So glad you've found your mojo :) Remember to eat though ;)

  2. This is a beautiful start Mina! And I'm so excited to see that you are so excited about the process. Can't wait to see where you take it. Be sure to post on the flickr group if you can:

  3. Your Mod Mood quilt looks great so far! I am interested to see how that turns out, good luck.