Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fugly Fabric Party

Charm About You

Today is the day of the Fugly Fabric Party hosted by Lucy at Charm About You.

The other day I posted a sneak peek of some really fugly fabric.  Here are a few cotton fabrics pulled from my stash that I have fallen out of love with.  If anyone is interested, please let me know.  I can cut it as desired, just send me some scraps in return since my scrap stash is severely depleted right now.

1.  Daisy Kingdom red motorcycles.  1 yard.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
2.  Blue Monkey faces flannel.  1/2 yard.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
3.  Thanks Be To Auntie Lue by Bonnie Benn Stratton, Quilt for a Cure green check.  Over a yard.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
4.  Eight peace fat quarters, 2 of each shown left over from a project.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
5.  Blue and pink frogs.  Over a yard.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
6.  Debbie Mumm, Mumms the Word Teapots.  several yards.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Head on over to Lucy's and check out what else is being offered at the fugly party. 


  1. Oh oh oh, I would love love love number 4 and even more, number 6. I will be very very happy to send you scraps. My daughter loves fabric with peace on them and I am making her a quilt, and I am in love with tea and especially Debbie Mumm.

  2. And I can also send you a brand new Summer Breeze II charm pack if you bless me with both 4 & 6, or other things as arranged. Can you tell I am excited?

  3. Love your fabric corbitt56@gmail.com

  4. I will swap you something for the motorcycle fabric! I have some boy quilts to be making this year!!

  5. I've never swapped fabric before, not sure what you'd like, def have lots of scraps & bigger than typical scraps that I'd be happy to trade. I want the Mumm tea fabric, don't need a lot of it. I would love to make a tea wallet from it which needs 2 5x7 pieces. :)

  6. The monkeys are pretty cute (I have an 18 month old that might like it). What kind of scraps are you looking for?

  7. I'll take the whole piece of the green check if you can part with it. I'm sure I have some worthy scraps to send you. Thanks for offering the swap!

  8. Mina-Please e-mail me your address so I can send you your Asian fabrics from the fugly post. charlottemaxwell57@gmail.com