Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Finish Along - Quarter 4 Intentions

If 2014 was my year to scrap and stash bust, then 2015 has been the year to bust through my stack of WIPs.  It's been good to see some progress on actually finishing my projects and I know it is due to the monthly and quarterly goals that I have set.

Not sure how many projects I will complete this quarter, since the holidays are coming up and I am running out of old projects.  I guess its time to start something new!

Quarter 4 Goals - New projects added to the list

(1)  Mom's Modern Quilt.  My mom and I had a sew day in May and she made her first modern quilt.  I have finished the quilting, but she wanted a hanging sleeve put on it.  Hoping this won't take too long to finish.

(2)  White squares.  I was told in a Quiltcon class that I used too much color in my project by some students and I should use more white.  So, I started this improv project using some scraps.  It stalled out a bit because I am not sure I like restricting my colors, but I am hoping that I can make it work.  It is starting to grow on me.

(3)  I started to work again on my Tula Pink Marquise quilt.  I know it will take a while, but I figured it wouldn't get finished if I don't start working on it.  The top row of diamonds is completed.

(4)  More scraps have been cut for a Lolly quilt.

(5)  Solid scraps are selected, pressed, and ready for an improv pillowcase.  I need to pick up a pillow form.

Projects Returning to Goal List

(6)  Pink scrap color blocks.  I like these blocks, but I am not sure where this project is heading.

(7)  This Texas quilt is 50% completed and I know someone who wants it for a Christmas gift.

(8) Orphan star block.  I think this may be the oldest project on my 2015 goal's list.  

(9)  Miss Kate Hexy quilt.  All of the hexies have been cut and I have started to sew them together into rows.

(10)  Lime Spider Web.  I have been working on this project all year, and I finally have a top ready to be quilted.

I guess I'd better get to work.

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  1. What? Wait, how are there no comments! Too much color?! Nonsense! Your use of color is great! Keep it up. I mean, sure try some white (or some more interesting neutral) added in, if you like. It is good to try new things and even better to stretch your creativity by restricting options sometimes. This whole "lots of white" quilt thing I seem to see all over the place is getting boring though.
    Really, though - use color if you like color. Your quilts are all so interesting and fun. Do your thing, your way!

  2. oh yeah! Your list of finishes is gonna be a great one to watch.

  3. I'm also thinking this list of finishes is going to be a nice one to watch. I love your mom's modern quilt and I say if you like lots of colour, use it.

  4. Fun to see all your projects in process. I say use as many colors as you want. Everyone needs to quilt in their own style. :)