Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Le Challenge - Direction

The theme for this month's Le Challenge is "direction".  My first thought was to make something using flying geese.  But what to make?

I was cleaning my sewing area and kept finding needles on various pieces of scraps.  I also found some scraps of felt.  So, I decided to make a needle book.

I was stumped for awhile on quilt math - trying to figure out how to make mini flying geese units.  I don't have that much patience, so I settled on using "direction" fabric that look like flying geese.

Now my needles have a home and this really is a cute book.  I used snaps for the closure (which I also found during the clean-up), but next time I think I will follow the tutorial and use a button.  These books would make cute little gifts.

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  1. For small, I'd probably go with fabric too. But for future reference: rectangle is half as high as wide (plus 1/2 inch each way for seam allowance). Cut squares the same size as the unfinished height. Place on rectangle and sew corner to corner. Press. Do the second one.

  2. A needle book , that's exactly what I need . I'm always jabbing myself in needles in tiny bits of fabric . Off to buy felt tomorrow

  3. Geese where my first thought too :) Nice needle book!

  4. Very clever and cute needle book! Thanks for linking up :)

  5. I love your work-around here to avoid making teeny-tiny flying geese and still stay on theme! HA!