Thursday, November 14, 2013

Le Challenge - Stripes

The theme this month for Le Challenge is "Stripes".  I thought that this would be easy, but then I discovered that my rather large fabric stash had about 4 striped fabrics.  Ooops.

I found a plain pink stripe that seemed to be awkwardly hanging out in the stash.  Its been there so long,  I think it was gifted to me many, many years ago.  I challenged myself to find a way to use it.  After looking at it a bit, I thought that I would make a tree skirt for my mini-feather tree.
I used my Dresden ruler to make the simple skirt.  It seemed liked it needed something extra, so I added some pom-pom trim left over from another project.
Super simple, and finished in one evening (and no, it was not finished last evening).  This month I have had a bunch of non-quilty obligations, so I wanted a quick project that was not a quilt.  Just for fun I thought I would show you my other possible stripe project.

The pink striped fabric was in the same storage box as these blocks that I totally forgot I had.  They were created in an Improv class that I had taken at Quiltcon.  We were to start working with a traditional block and then apply some improve techniques.  The bottom left is the "Roman Stripe" traditional block that I started with.  I decided not to use them for this challenge because I felt I needed more time to come up with a plan.
I hope that you check out the other "Stripes" inspired challenge projects at Le Challenge.  I love this challenge because you can interpret the theme in any way you wish, and you can use any medium that you want.  The only requirement is that you show a completed project.
I wonder what next month's theme will be?
Le Challenge


  1. What a brilliant stripey tree skirt! I love the pompoms!

  2. well done .. it is amazing just WHAT can be found in a stash xxx

  3. Oh, pompom trim is always a great choice in my book! Love your pieced stripes, great rediscover!

  4. great tree skirt, and I love the bright stripey blocks too :-)

  5. Great job using up your stash. Perfect stripe fabric.

  6. Great tress skirt and I love the idea of modernising traditional blocks! Thanks for participating in le challenge... precious is next!

  7. Fabulous tree skirt and love the addition of the pom poms!