Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fat Quarter Contest at Quokka Quilts

There is a fabulous contest going on at Quokka Quilts.  Each participant must prepare a coordinated fabric bundle of 12 prints and 3 solids selected from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I knew I wanted to participate but figured that this would be tough, and boy was I right!  This was very tough and I spent way too much time trying to select my fabric choices.  Not only has it been maddening trying to determine my final choices, but its also been great fun to visit other blogs and read about how fabric was selected.

Stylistically, I am all over the place so naturally so are my fabric choices.  I guess the theme is geometric fun.

1.  Palladium Gray
2.  Whimsy
3.  So Sophie
4.  Heirloom
5.  Critter Community
6.  Outfoxed
7.  Palladium
8.  Pear Tree
9.  Kaffe Classics
10.  Its A Boy Thing
11.  Robot Factory
12.  Bella Solids
13.  Bella Solids
14.  Cotton Couture
15.  Tuxedo


  1. Ohh, I LOVE your modern fabric choices!!!
    You put together a gorgeous collection!

  2. I love the retro/modern vibe of your bundle! Great job!

  3. Love these! I'm so into those geometric prints, yummy dots! I really love the colours too :)