Friday, September 16, 2011

Tulip top completed!

The tulip blocks are together and I really cant say enough about how much I like this top.  My mom, who wont even look at an art quilt or a modern quilt, wants this quilt.  I am not sure if she will get this one or another quilt, but I believe that I will be making more of this pattern.  My mom is the quilt photographer and now I realize just how hard it is to get a decent quilt picture.

All my other quilt dogs never seemed to touch a quilt.  I have many pictures of them sitting beside a quilt with just their nose laying on a corner of a quilt.  This new quilt dog, however, was just walking through the living room after eating his dinner and stopped to pose on the tulips.  Though when caught, he didn't move away from the quilt he just rolled over and played dead.  

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