Saturday, August 16, 2014

Purge Update

Purge button

I am almost scared to say it....really, I don't want to jinx myself....but.....I think I may be at the end of my scrap boxes!  Yes, really!
I have been working on this ever since I decided to spring clean my sewing room.  I realized I was near the end when I started running out of usable pieces for my scrap houses. 
Today is the Purge progress link up.

Since the last progress report:  20 pillowcases were sent to ConKerr Cancer,  a huge stack of scrap house blocks were built, and I am about 25% complete on a new spider web quilt.
It sure feels good to clear out some of my older fabric and scrap boxes.
My goals for the next few weeks are to finish up the house quilt and to work on my Le Challenge project.  This month's challenge theme is "era".  I finally decided on my design and era (mid-century modern).
Linking today to the Purge and to Whoop, Whoop Fridays.


  1. wow! I don't think my scap box (s) has a bottom!! well done x... I send you some scraps if you are in need x

  2. good for you! I've done the same, and then hastened the process by giving away some big bags of scraps. the lucky recipient told me it was good fabric, and it was, but I was just tired of it. love the spiderweb!

  3. wow - i so need to get to the bottom of mine!

  4. I love spiderweb blocks! The lime looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what your le challenge project will be :)

  5. What a great job you're doing, Mina! Do you mail your donations? I have a few pillowcases I made and will look up your link.

  6. Am LOVING that with the lime! Very nice!

  7. Love your blocks!! And congrats on being near the end....

  8. WTG you -- those spider webs are great