Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Quiltcon Projects

I am back at home after Quiltcon, wishing there was a way that I could somehow catch up on some sleep.  I don't know what project to start working on first, since I have a few new WIPs to choose from.

My first class was the Gee's Bend workshop.  I used some of my old shirts and a white shirt from my dad.  I cut strips of fabric from the shirts and sewed any pieces that fit together.

Next up was Bias Strip Curves with Sherri Lynn Wood.   Since we shared fabric strips, I used colors that I normally don't work with such as yellow.  These pieces got big quite fast.  I have 4 of these petal shapes completed and I have no idea yet how this project will turn out.

Also with Sherri Lynn Wood, I attended the Doodling workshop.  I chose to start working with the square shape and then moved on to triangles.  Some shapes are not quite triangles, and that's OK with me.

Hoping to pick a project I can work on during the #whippercraftnight party on Instagram on Feb 26th.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Le Challenge - Dots

This month's Le Challenge theme was "dots" and I found that I had plenty of dots in my stash to work with (perhaps too much).   I had several ideas, but only had time for a small project this month.  I chose to make a small mug rug based on a Lily pattern at Bari J

This piece lays flat, which I didn't expect with all the seams.  I guess starch really is a friend.

The next month's challenge is "passion", and I am not sure what I will do with this theme.  Hoping that I find something at Quiltcon to inspire me.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish It Friday - Idea Pouch

I have finished sewing the buttons on the Idea Pouch from Michelle Patterns.  There were several sets of buttons that I considered and I may change my mind later, but for now it is finished and ready to take to Quiltcon.

The pattern was easy to follow and it came together in an afternoon.  Now that it is finished, I can check it off my list of goals for the 2015 Finish Along

This weekend I still need to modify this scarf I found at Target.  My first thought was that the colors were taken from the Cotton and Steel fabrics.

Love the flying geese pattern, but I am not fond of infinity scarfs.  The plan is to cut open the seam and turn it back into a standard scarf which I think will work better for me.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Design Wall Monday - February 9

I have been so good in 2015 working on WIPs and scrap projects, but I fell off the wagon and started something new.  I just couldn't resist joining the Hazel Hedgehog QAL.

I chose to make the "gigantic" sized block and honestly, I don't think I realized just how gigantic this block is.  Hazel is big!

This block is much more easier than I thought it would be (I admit to being angle challenged). I did sew her face together upside down, but I learned to stop watching TV and to focus on my project.  After a tiny bit of unpicking, she turned out just fine.

One tip - I did measure the first pieces I sewed together and my seam was slightly off. Normally, I would not mind.  But with all the angles in this block, I decided to change sewing feet to one that sews more of a scant 1/4 inch seam and I had no other issues.

Next up, I think will be Hazel's cousin in yellow.

Hazel Hedgehog Quilt-a-Long on Using Elzabeth Hartman's Hazel Hedgehog pattern to make your own hedgehog themed quilt project.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Finish It Friday - Hip To Be Square

When I first started cutting my scraps for the Hip To Be Square Challenge, I really did not think that anything much could be made from these scraps.  I thought some fabrics were ugly, and some scraps I was just tired of using. I also didn't think I could get a nice sized quilt from 2.5 inch squares.

But now I have totally changed my mind and am quite surprised at how cute this quilt turned out.

For the first two blocks, I artfully arranged the squares.  Then I realized it would take me forever to finish, so I sewed the rest together randomly.  

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Happy Go Lucky Hexies

I have decided on a February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes - to finish my Happy Go Lucky hexagon quilt.

This quilt was hand pieced, so I thought it should be hand quilted.  Each hexie is quilted in the ditch and each white hexie has an extra outline of a small hexie in the middle.

It is a large quilt, but I think if I can work on it as I find time.