Friday, November 14, 2014

Le Challenge - X

This month's Le Challenge theme is "X", the unknown.  I have 2 Spoonflower samples that I thought would work great for this challenge - the mathmatical equations and the detective that solves the unknown.

These samples are 8 inch square and are different materials.  The Sherlock material is fine and the equations are on canvas.  I knew that I wanted to keep as much of the fabric as possible as a whole piece, and not cut into it.

The "solution" was to make a flat zip pouch accented with a bold red zipper.  To give the piece a little structure, the samples were backed with iron-on fleece interfacing.

I did break a needle while sewing over the zipper so I learned a lesson to be more careful on my next pouch.  I am so glad I finally got to use these samples.

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 photo LeChalleng
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