Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Le Challenge - Mix

This month's Le Challenge theme is "mix" and to be honest, I was quite stumped at what to make.  I finally decided that I would finish my scrappy happy houses quilt.

These houses are made of a mix of scraps.  I actually made so many houses that I have another quilt top completed and a stack left over to make a 3rd house quilt. 
Of course, just today on my work table I spied this mix tape.
It is the Quiltcon USB containing patterns from many of the instructors.  Had I spotted this sooner, I would have made a project from this tape to fit this month's "mix" theme.  (BTW, I cannot wait until Quiltcon 2015!)
Like I said, I was really stumped with the challenge theme this month.  I think it started early on when I was brainstorming "mix" ideas and thought of Meow Mix.  In my family, I remember us kids singing TV commercials around the house including one for Meow Mix.
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Le Challenge


  1. Brilliant work - can't believe you had enough scraps for 3 quilts!!

  2. That's a lot of scraps!! But they do make pretty quilts!

  3. Your scraps made such a lovely mix of houses! They are bright and cheerful! (I smiled at you thinking about Meow Mix!)

  4. Amazing! Thanks for participating in le challenge! Love that tape from Quiltcon too - what a cute packagining for a USB key!

  5. wow - a lot of scraps, but such a brilliant quilt :-)

  6. love this, I have always loved scrappy house quilts and this one is brilliant. A great mix!

  7. Fabulous!!! I agree it's a great project for mix!

  8. Your scrappy house quilt is just wonderful. I love the polka dots mixed in there.